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Apathetic Asmodes: It's okay if you don't care

Are you primarily a soloist? Are you a loner? Are you looking for one of Asmodaes more relaxed, low key legions on one of the game's less populated servers?

You might want to think about Apathetic Asmodes on Yustiel. As our General said when he was setting us up:

This would be a legion for pretty much anyone:
Loners/soloers, people in between legions, people who just don't play the game much at all, epic failures, etc.

Obviously this isn't going to be an amazing and powerful legion, (or maybe it might) but it would be a great place to be to have some people to ask for help from or allies to take on random quests with.

Feel free to whisper/PM Telezial or Ioannes (me) or Sivi (darkrosetiger) for an invite.

You know...if you feel like it.
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Headstart! Whee! ... LJers Legion

So how's headstart been for everyone? I'm pretty happy; my hardcopy of the game came in today, so I'm all set with my pre-order items and all.

I've created the Paladins of the Night legion on Kaisinel Asmodian side, so anyone who wants the benefits of a legion there just let me know. I'm still not informed enough about the chat channels to know how those work and I don't think there is global chat the way we're used to. However, we'll manage somehow.

A few fun tips I found today! It's possible to change your appearance if you decide you messed up; there's a tailor/cosmetics shop located in the home cities of each side. Dye can be found there as well. It pays to explore those home cities completely! Also, in the Artisans area, there's a room for upgrading your gathering skills -- and you can also buy hats there that will show the gathering points on the map. That's pretty sweet too.
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More info for pre-select!

A new patch will be hitting the servers just before pre-select, it seems, and final news regarding characters allowed has been released: 8 total. You may do 2 in pre-select.

Also, gameguard is going to be dropped for the live release; it seems just now it's more trouble than it's worth.

[all news via aiononline.com]

So. Preselection

So according to the Powers That Be, they're limiting preselection folks to 2 names, so as not to have a case of people hogging all the good ones and leaving none for the launch day folks.

Which is fair, I suppose but...

*checks the clock*

This thing fires up at 2 PM CST, when I'm at work - and I'll have at least 4-5 hours until I get home even then. Odds are my chosen names, though obscure as hell, will *probably* be gone.


The war over "Michael" will def be epic, though. Bring popcorn. :)
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So I spent a whole day downloading Aion. It finally finished about two minutes ago, and when I went to open the zip file,

"The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted."

Are you [BLEEPING] kidding me? *bashes head on keyboard*

Sigh... looks like I'm probably not going to be able to get in on the early claims and headstart goodness.

EDIT: Also:
Preselection is a benefit available to anyone who preordered Aion. If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible, simply log in to your NCsoft Master Account to verify that your game account is listed and your account type is not designated as "Beta".

I don't have Aion listed at all...how the heck?
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Server list

This is the server list as posted on aionsource.com that we expect to see for official release. The times specifically apply to raid timing in the Abyss, and when fortresses are open for raids.

North America (confirmed as of 09/11/09)

   1. [West] Siel GMT-8
   2. [East] Israphel GMT-5
   3. [West] Nezekan GMT-8
   4. [East] Zikel GMT-5
   5. [West] Vaizel GMT-8
   6. [East] Triniel GMT-5
   7. [West] Kaisinel GMT-8
   8. [East] Lumiel GMT-5
   9. [West] Yustiel GMT-8
  10. [East] Marchutan GMT-5
  11. [West] Ariel GMT-8
  12. [East] Azphel GMT-5

Europe: (confirmed as of 09/09/09)
[ENG] Spatalos
[ENG] Telemachus
[ENG] Castor
[ENG] Perento
[ENG] Gorgos

[GER] Kromede
[GER] Thor
[GER] Votan
[GER] Balder

[FRA] Urtem
[FRA] Vidar
[FRA] Suthran

I have no idea how likely we are to spread out over multiple servers, but given the current limits and the low alt incidence probability, I'm going to stick to two servers, I think.
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Hey! We love City of Heroes ... but there are other tempting games too. So if you play City of Heroes, and Aion too, be welcome here. We can get together here and swap tips, comparisons, and form groups and guilds. 'Open' Beta ends early Monday morning, and then we'll wait for early claiming and headstart.

I've created a channel called 'LJcohAion' on Kaisinel -- I don't know yet how these channels work or if there's anything like CoH's global.