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Player Listing

Much like the City Global List, I figured we'd want to make an easily-accessible list for folks to know where people are.

Listed by server first, then LJ names, with a "main contact" character listed afterward in case someone wants to contact you in-game. Easiest way to contact in-game is through mail. I personally get way too much RMT spam tells to pay attention to the PM system, which I filter out of most of my chat tabs BECAUSE OF the RMT spam.

Servers with no characters on them are hidden to save space, until people say they've got a character on it, then I'll unhide them and list the player(s).

I got the current listing from the rollcall post. If I am listing a wrong contact character, or not listing one at all, please respond.

When you respond to this post, please *ONLY* give me *ONE* character name per server. If you give me more, I will use the first listed and disregard the rest of them. ONE CHARACTER NAME per server. Also, I will be deleting replies to this post so that the comment page doesn't get cluttered and confusing. Please try to keep the chatter to a minimum, especially since I'll be deleting everything anyway :p

LAST UPDATED: 10/5/2009 9:25am Pacific

American Servers
Server Name LJ Name
AzphelElyos: ---
Asmo: kowh, mrzero (Sadric)
IsraphelElyos: ---
Asmo: xt_strange (Blutengel)
KaisinelElyos: ---
Asmo: megotelek (Naikael), naienko (Mihangelle)
LumielElyos: kellzilla (Aggelakis), megotelek (Penemue), coldironkiss (Cenedi), tarq (Amisi), wolfieboy (Alethea)
Asmo: ---
MarchutanElyos: kellzilla (Grift)
Asmo: coldironkiss (Maev)
YustielElyos: ---
Asmo: kellzilla (Aggelakis), wolfieboy (Nathanyel)
European Servers
Server Name LJ Name
CastorElyos: solarsenshi (Cake)
Asmo: ---
TelemachusElyos: ---
Asmo: solarsenshi (Trick)

EDIT: We either need way more tags, or to be able to create tags ourselves. This needs a 'community' or 'people stuff' tag or something like that, and I can't create tags.
Tags: people stuff
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