Panya Covin-Gwynn (naienko) wrote in city_of_aion,
Panya Covin-Gwynn

RE: Rollcall!

A letter from Lance, Aion's Executive Producer

Most of the letter concerns the server queue issues that (I guess) still persist on really popular servers. The key paragraph for us, however, is this:
So the next question may be "What about my character I've already spent time on?" Another good question. I'm excited to confirm that we are currently working on implementing a server transfer service beginning next month. Specifically, we will offer every player a free one-time server transfer for a limited time to select servers. You can rest assured that addressing the demand for Aion is our biggest priority. And I know a big question is "Why did you not deploy more servers?" Most of you are savvy enough to realize that a healthy MMO server needs a robust population. We have to calculate our reasonable concurrency numbers in a week and in a month and beyond. The last thing we want to do to our players is spread them out so that the "massively" in "massively multiplayer" gets lost..

We should pay attention for the timing of this, and the servers they'll open up for transfer, and see if we want to make an effort to consolidate even more than we are.
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